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Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 11:06:25 AM Greenwich Mean Time

This is a convenient and easy-to-install script for JSON-based PHP chat with more than 110 functions. Grupo chats are equipped with security features that make hackers and spammers a thing of the past. To work in the chat does not require Flash, Java or other browser plug-ins. Easily create your own chat without coding knowledge. The options and functions in your chat room can be adjusted to your preference.


Grupo Features

Public Group

Password Protected Group

Secret Group

Admin/Moderator only Group

Unleavable Group

Voice Messaging

One to One Chat

Flood Control

Multi-Language Manager

Easy Installer

Pin Group

Login as Guest

User @Mentions

Swear Filter

File Manager

No direct file access

Like System

Auto Group Join

Export Chats

Bulk Upload Files

User Profiles

Inbuilt Avatars

Email Notifications

Custom Profile Pic

Emoji Picker

JSON Based

Custom Profile Fields

Auto Delete Messages

Auto Delete Users

Auto Unjoin Groups

Delete or Ban users

Ban IP address

Upload or Share Files Securely

Report Messages/Groups

Reply to a specific message

Set Shared Files download time

Create or Manage User Roles

Disable deleting a message after a particular period of time

Profile Deactivation

Admin can Log In as Another User

Invite via Email

Set Max Login Attempts

Limit Send Message Character Count

Disallow / Block Posting Links

Limit Results per Load

File Preview (Video, Audio, Image)

Drag-gable Preview Box

Send Gifs based on Tenor

Link preview generator

Auto Convert URL into HTML Link

Play Youtube/Dailymotion/Vimeo Videos

Show/Hide Languages

Ten+ Password Encryption

Limit Login Attempts

Inbuilt Customizer

Headers & Footers

Custom CSS

“Go Offline” Mode

GDPR Cookie Consent

Multi Device Login

Email Verifications

Stand By Mode

Responsive Design

Automatic Image Orientation


“New Message” Alert in Browser Title Bar

Sound Notifications

Custom Background

Set Timezone

Lazy Loading

Invite users

Google Recaptcha

Enable/Disable User Registration

Custom 404 Page

Select from 15+ Notification Sounds

Boxed or full width layout

Track/Manage reported Abuse


Expand/Collapse ChatBox

Invite Group via link

Send invitations to People without Account

Load Group via Link

Embed Group Chat

Unsplash Slideshow (Signin Page)

QR Code Generator

Share Screenshot Directly (Print Screen)

Cache System

Cron Jobs

User Name Color

RTL/LTR Text Direction

Custom Profile Cover

Add Group Users Without an Invitation

SMTP Authentication

Typing Indicator

Read Receipts

Drag & Drop File Upload/Attachment

Auto TimeZone

Set Max Messages Per Load

Infinite Scrolling

Turn On/Off Sound Notifications

Enable/Disable Email Verification

Easy Customizer

UI Changes

Read More Limit

10+ Inbuilt Fonts

Welcome Screen

Cross browser compatibility

Real-time Individual Unread Count

Switch Message Alignment

Required & Drop Down Profile Fields

Converts emails to hyperlinks

Change Font size via Appearance

24/12 Hour Time Format

Added Search Option in Popup Form

Enable/Disable Email Notifications

Enable/Disable Google Analytics

& Lots More

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