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Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 8:50:14 PM Greenwich Mean Time

This script allows users to upload YouTube videos and earn coins through viewing the video (the “Change” setting to change the number of coins for registering, authorizing, viewing and adding a new video). To highlight your video, you must buy the first place (for example, 10 coins), and you can change this number of 10 coins in the settings (bottom right).

Demo: http://youtubecoins.mahdawy.com

Demo Account Information


username: demo@demo.com & password: 123456

Admin Account Information


username: admin@demo.com & password: 123456


YouTube Coins – (Media Script + Points System): It has been built from scratch with features and performance in mind. With this awesome script you are able to build your youtube media website in under 3 minutes using the super easy and simple installer.
its allow users to get much more viewing to there youtube videos.

Seo Friendly. 

buy coins via paypal

Sign In via Facebook

Sign In via Google

Open Graph Protocol

Pretty Points System with full admin controll

Add your custom css code.

Customize Your Site logo.

Customize Your Favorite icon.

Customize Your watermark icon.

Customize Website seo keywords,description and Page title.

Customize Website name.

Customize Points Setting

Users can Add youtube video.

Smart Upgrade button

Super Easy Install & Full Customization.

Allows Logging In & Sign up.

Allows Logging In via google account.

Change ui theme with 4 themes .

User Accounts.

Power Full Admin Controls.

100% Responsive.

Friendly Interface.

Regular Updates.

Support Ads (Adsense,adchoice and any html code you need or images).

Add languages.

delete users video from the admin account.

Codeigniter v3.1.10


Register Users

Advertising ready

View Youtube,vimeo,dailymotion Videos or images and earn Coins

Reorder users video according to the coins in balance

Manage users: Allows you to manage registered users.

Manage videos: Allows you to manage videos Written by users (active and delete).

Edit css file

Manage Languages.

And much, much more

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